Models 5401A and 5402 Dante Leader Clocks now support 176.4 and 192 kHz sample rates! (07-Jul-2021)   New Product! Model 354 Talk Station. Desktop unit allows user to access four Dante Channels. (04-Aug-2021)   New Dante firmware for the Models 5401A, 5402, 5422A now available. (19-Aug-2021)   Model 348 Intercom Station Main Firmware version 2.03 released — adds new Listen Mode. (30-Dec-2021)   Model 391 Dante Alerting Unit Application Firmware version 2.1 released — adds UDP support. (30-Dec-2021)   Data sheet for Model 392 Visual Indicator Unit now available. (30-Dec-2021)   Full documentation available for Model 5304 Intercom Station. (30-Dec-2021)   Updated user guide for Model 354 Talk Station added to website. (30-Dec-2021)   New WinOS® and macOS® versions of STcontroller is available. Download now! (25-Jan-2022)   See us at NAB 2022, April 24-27 in Las Vegas. We'll be in booth C2625. (25-Jan-2022)


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STI (contains logos with both black & green globes)
STI (contains logos with both black & green globes)
STI (contains logos with both black & green globes)