Fiber-Optic Transport

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Order Code: PS-DC-02
Replacement power supply for use with Model 37 Intercom Beltpack; Models 43D, 44D, 45DC, 45DR, and 5422 Interfaces; ModelsĀ 214, 215, and 216 Announcer's Consoles; Model 410 SDI-Over-Fiber Transport Systems; Model…
Order Code: PS-DC-01
Universal input, 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz; 12 volts DC, 5 amps (60 watts) output power supply. IEC C14 mains inlet; cable-mounted 4-pin female XLR DC output. Used for powering Live-Link…
Order Code: HFCPSK-01
For use with Live-Link Jr. applications where camera end powering using hybrid fiber/copper cable assemblies is desired. Includes pre-wired opticalCON DUO bulkhead connector, LC-ST fiber-optic jumpers, power interface board, and…
Order Code: LL-BRACKET-01
Allows a Model 45A Interface to be attached to top of Live-Link portable version units (shown with Live-Link 3G and Model 45A).
Order Code: 13684
Used with Live-Link Mini Truck End Portable unit to "break out" 5-pin XLR connector into two 3-pin male XLRs. Overall length approximately 3 feet (0.9 meters). One included with each…
Order Code: 13662
Used with Live-Link "04X" Control Room Unit's 4-wire intercom in/out connectors to "break out" 5-pin XLR connector into one 3-pin female XLR and one 3-pin male XLR. Overall length approximately…