Reference Archive for Discontinued Products

Notice Concerning the Discontinuation of Factory Service for Studio Technologies’ Products

Product Data Sheet/Brochure User Guide Block Diagram Other Documentation
AN-2 Stereo Simulator AN-2 Data Sheet_4 AN-2 User Guide_3
Generation II Stereo Simulator Gen II Data Sheet_4 Gen II User Guide_3
ISS Integrated Simulator System ISS Data Sheet_3 ISS User Guide_3
Live-Link “03X” Remote Camera Interface System LL-3G-CACR-031/032-M36 Connection Details_4
Mic-PreEminence Microphone Preamplifier Mic-Pre Data Sheet_5 Mic-Pre User Guide_5
Model 2 Central Controller IFB Plus Data Sheet_5 (includes Model 32 & Model 33) IFB Plus User Guide_10 (s/n 01361-later)
IFB Plus User Guide_9 (s/n 01361-later)
IFB Plus User Guide_8 (s/n 01361-later)
IFB Plus User Guide_7 (s/n 00151-01360)
M2 Block Diagram_A
Model 11A Gooseneck Microphone IFB Plus Data Sheet_5 (includes Model 32 & Model 33) Included in IFB Plus User Guide_10
Model 32 Talent Amplifier IFB Plus Data Sheet_5 (includes Model 32 & Model 33) Included in IFB Plus User Guide_10 M32 Block Diagram
Model 33 Talent Amplifier IFB Plus Data Sheet_5 (includes Model 32 & Model 33) Included in IFB Plus User Guide_10 M33 Block Diagram
Model 35 Talent Amplifier M35 Data Sheet_2 Included in M74/M75 User Guide_3 M35 Block Diagram_C (includes M38) Model 35 Mounting Adapter Notes_1
Model 38 Talent Amplifier M38 Block Diagram_C (includes M35)
Model 40 Central Controller
M40 User Guide_1
Model 42 Interface M42 Data Sheet_2 M42 User Guide_1 M42 Block Diagram_B
Model 43 Interface M43 Data Sheet_2 M43 User Guide_1 M43 Block Diagram_A
Model 44 Interface M44 Data Sheet_1 M44 User Guide_2 M44 Block Diagram_B
Model 45 Interface M45 Data Sheet_1 M45 User Guide_p2
Model 45DR Intercom Interface M45DR Data Sheet_4 M45DR User Guide_5 Model 45DR Intercom Interface Front, Rear, and Side Panel AI, DWG, and DXF Files
Model 46 Interface M46 Data Sheet_3 M46 User Guide_2 (s/n 00180-later; software 1.3-higher)
M46 User Guide_1 (s/n 00151-00179)
M46 Block Diagram_C
Model 47 Interface M47 Data Sheet_2 M47 User Guide_1 M47 Block Diagram_A
Model 48 Telco Switcher M48 Data Sheet_1 M48 User Guide_1 M48 Block Diagram_A
Model 50 Central Controller
Model 51 Control Console
M50/M51 Data Sheet_4 M50/M51 User Guide_7 (50: s/n 00457-later; 51: s/n 00457-later)
M50/M51 User Guide_6 (50: s/n 00457-later; 51: s/n 00457-later)
M50/M51 User Guide_5 (50: s/n 00385-00456; 51: s/n 00385-00456)
M50/M51 User Guide_4 (50: s/n 00133-00384; 51: s/n 00336-00384)
M50/M51 User Guide_3 (50: s/n 00133-later; 51: s/n 00131-00335)
M50/M51 User Guide_1 (50: s/n 00001-00039; 51: s/n 00001-00130)
M50/M51 Block Diagram
Model 55 Central Controller
Model 56 Control Console
M55/M56 Data Sheet_5 M55/M56 User Guide_5 (55: s/n 00280-later; 56: s/n 00280-later)
M55/M56 User Guide_4 (55: s/n 00280-later; 56: s/n 00280-later)
M55/M56 User Guide_3 (55: s/n 00151-00279; 56: s/n 00151-00279)
M55/M56 Block Diagram
Model 58 Central Controller
Model 59 Control Console
M58/M59 Data Sheet_2 M58/M59 User Guide_4
M58/M59 User Guide_2
M58/M59 Block Diagram_CB
M58/M59 Block Diagram_A
M58/M59 Application Note
Model 58 Central Controller
Model 591 Control Console
M58/M591 User Guide_1
Model 60 Central Controller
Model 61 Control Console
M60/M61 Data Sheet_2 M60/M61 User Guide_3 (60: s/n 00301-later; 61: s/n 00151-later)
M60/M61 User Guide_2 (60: s/n 00200-00300; 61: s/n 00151-later)
M60/M61 Block Diagram
Model 60A Central Controller
Model 61 Control Console
M60A/M61 Data Sheet_1 M60A/M61 User Guide_1 M60A/M61 Block Diagram
Model 65 Bass Manager M65 Data Sheet_3 M65 User Guide_4 M65 Block Diagram_D
Model 68 Central Controller
Model 69 Control Console
M68/M69 User Guide_2
M68/M69 User Guide_1
M68/M69 Block Diagram M69 Application Note
Model 68A Central Controller
Model 69A Control Console
M68A/M69A Data Sheet_2 M68A/M69A User Guide_2 (68A: s/n 00501-later; 69A: s/n 00742-later)
M68A/M69A User Guide_1 (68A: s/n 00501-later; 69A: s/n 00501-00741)
M68A/M69A Block Diagram
Model 70 Interface M70 Block Diagram_A
Model 76 Central Controller
Model 77 Control Console
M76/M77 Data Sheet_3 M76/M77 User Guide_7 (76: s/n 00151-later, software 1.10-higher; 77: s/n 00151-later, software 2.01-higher)
M76/M77 User Guide_5 (76: s/n 00151-later, software 1.05-1.09; 77: s/n 00151-later, software 2.00)
M76/M77 User Guide_4 (76: s/n 00151-later, software 1.04; 77: s/n 00151-later, software 1.02-1.09)
M76/M77 User Guide_3 (76: s/n 00151-later, software 1.02-1.03; 77: s/n 00151-later, software 1.01)
M76/M77 User Guide_1
M76/M77 Block Diagram
Model 76B Central Controller
Model 77B Control Console
M76B/77B Data Sheet_2 M76B/M77B User Guide_3 (76B: s/n 00151-later, software 1.05-higher; 77B: s/n 00151-later, software 2.00-higher)
M76B/M77B User Guide_1 (76B: s/n 00151-later, software 1.03-1.04; 77B: s/n 00151-later, software 1.02-1.09)
M76B/M77B Block Diagram
Model 76DB Central Controller
Model 77B Control Console
M76DB/M77B Data Sheet_2 M76DB/M77B User Guide_4 (76DB: s/n 00201-later, software 3.00-higher; 77B: s/n 00210-later, software 3.00-higher)
M76DB/M77B User Guide_3 (76DB: s/n 00151-00200, software 2.02-2.09; 77B: s/n 00151-00209, software 2.00-2.09)
M76DB/M77B User Guide_2
Model 76DBA Central Controller
Model 77B Control Console
M76DBA/M77B Data Sheet_1 M76DBA/M77B User Guide_1
Model 78 Central Controller
Model 79 Control Console
M78/M79 Data Sheet_2 M78/M79 User Guide_5 M78/M79 Block Diagram
Model 78 Central Controller Special Version 1
M78 SV1 User Guide_2
Model 78 Central Controller Special Version 2
M78 SV2 User Guide_2
Model 80 Stereo Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier M80 Data Sheet_1 M80 User Guide_5 (s/n 00360-later)
M80 User Guide_4 (s/n 00273-00359)
M80 Block Diagram_B
Model 81 Stereo Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier M81 Data Sheet_1 M81 User Guide_1 M81 Block Diagram_A
Model 82 Stereo Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier M82 Data Sheet_1 M82 User Guide_1 M82 Block Diagram_A
Model 85 AES/EBU Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier M85 Data Sheet_2 M85 User Guide_4 M85 Block Diagram_C
Model 90 Switcher M90 Data Sheet_5 M90 Block Diagram_A M90 Installation Instructions
M90 Setup Ver 1.02
Model 92 DT12 Cable Assembly Test Unit M92 Data Sheet_5 M92 User Guide_1
Model 93 W1 Cable Assembly Test Unit M93 Data Sheet_1 M93 User Guide_1
Model 200 Announcer’s Console M200 Data Sheet_4 M200 User Guide_3 M200 Block Diagram_B M200 Configuration Guide_4
Model 208 Announcer’s Console M208 Data Sheet_1 M208 User Guide_2 M208 Block Diagram_A
Model 220 Announcer’s Console M220 Data Sheet_1 M220 User Guide_5 (s/n 01151-later)
M220 User Guide_4 (s/n 00239-01150)
M220 User Guide_2 (s/n 00151-00238)
M220 Block Diagram_B (s/n 01151-later)
M220 Block Diagram_A (s/n 00151-01150)
M220 Configuration Guide_11 (s/n 01151-later)
M220 Configuration Guide_10
Model 230 Announcer’s Console M230 Data Sheet_1 M230 User Guide_9 (s/n 01151-later)
M230 User Guide_7 (s/n 00183-01150)
M230 Block Diagram_D (s/n 01151-later)
M230 Block Diagram_C (s/n 00151-01150)
M230 Configuration Guide_9 (s/n 01151-later)
M230 Configuration Guide_8
Model 370 Intercom Beltpack M370 Data Sheet_1 M370 User Guide_3
M370 User Guide_2
M370 Configuration Guide_2
M370 Configuration Guide_1
Model 371 Intercom Beltpack M371 Data Sheet_1 M371 User Guide_2 M371 Configuration Guide_2
Model 374 Intercom Beltpack M374 Data Sheet_3 M374 User Guide_2 M374 Configuration Guide_1
Model 380 On-Air Beltpack M380 Data Sheet_4 M380 User Guide_3
M380 User Guide_1
M380 Configuration Guide_5
M380 Configuration Guide_4
M380 Configuration Guide_2
Model 740 Audio Mixer M740 Data Sheet_1 M740 User Guide_3 M740 Block Diagram_B
Model 742 Audio Mixer M742 Data Sheet_1 M742 User Guide_2
M742 User Guide_1
M742 Block Diagram_A
M742 Block Diagram_B
Model 750 Audio Mixer M750 Data Sheet_5 M750 User Guide_3 M750 Block Diagram_C
Model 761 Central Controller
Model 771 Control Console
M761/M771 Data Sheet_p1 M761/M771 User Guide_1 M761/M771 Block Diagram
Model 770 Audio Mixer/IFB Controller M770 Data Sheet_4 M770 User Guide_1 M770 Block Diagram_A
Model 5120 Line/IFB Output Module M5120 Data Sheet_3 M5120 User Guide_5 (s/n 00230-later; firmware 4.1-higher)
M5120 User Guide_3 (s/n 00151-00229)
M5100-Series Single-Width Front Panel/PCB Dimensions_7
Model 5130 Party-Line Interface Module M5130 Data Sheet_3 M5130 User Guide_5 (s/n 00301-later)
M5130 User Guide_4 (s/n 00151-00300)
M5100-Series Single-Width Front Panel/PCB Dimensions_7
Model 5140 Intercom Interface Module M5140 Data Sheet_p1 M5100-Series Double-Width Front Panel/PCB Dimensions_2
Model 5401 Dante Master Clock M5401 Data Sheet_2 M5401 User Guide_p5 M5401A vs M5401 – What’s the Difference?
M5401 Menu Structure
Model 5414 Mic/Line Input & Line Output Interface M5414 Data Sheet_3 M5414 User Guide_4 (s/n 01151-later)
M5414 User Guide_2 (s/n 00151-01150)
Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine M5422 Data Sheet_2 M5422A vs M5422 – What’s the Difference?
M5422 Menu Structure
Accessing M5422 when User Name and/or Password Not Known