Production & Availability Status


Studio Technologies has not been immune from the current global supply-chain issues. This has impacted the ability to build a number of products. Below is a list of the units that have been affected, along with a brief overview of the action Studio Technologies is taking to try and ensure that the level of service and quality our customers have become accustomed can continue. This list will be updated as the status of the affected products change. From problems come opportunities and that’s the mantra that Studio Technologies has adopted. It’s a difficult time for everyone but together we’ll get through it!

  • 10-Feb-2023
    Model 43D Audio Interface Production Delayed
    As of November 2022, no Model 43D units remained in the Studio Technologies’ inventory. Further production was placed on hold due to the unit’s microcontroller integrated circuit becoming difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. An alternative path is being contemplated for the Model 43D which would involve a complete re-design using a different microcontroller integrated circuit. It’s expected that the update process will commence during the latter part of Q1, 2023. Production units are expected during the latter part of Q2, or the early part of Q3, 2023.

  • 10-Feb-2023
    Model 207 eSports Console being updated and will become the Model 207A
    Building additional Model 207 units had become a challenge due to difficulty in obtaining some of its electronic components, especially the microcontroller integrated circuit. In the latter half of 2022, it became apparent that a redesign was going to be required. At the same time, customers in the field were asking for an additional headphone output to allow support for a separate set of stereo headphones to serve in an audio “masking” role. (The audio source for this output is typically “white” (mathematically random) noise.) So an update of the Model 207’s design was begun with the result to be called the Model 207A. It will have the same price, maintain all the existing features, but will use updated components and incorporate a second headphone output. The STcontroller software application will be updated to support the Model 207A. It’s expected that Model 207A eSports Console units will be available during the latter part of Q1, or in the early part of Q2, 2023.

  • 10-Feb-2023
    Release of the new Models 214A, 215A, and 216A Imminent
    The venerable Models 214, 215 and 216 have been part of the Studio Technologies’ line of Dante announcer’s consoles for a number of years. However, during 2022 obtaining some of the integrated circuits used in these products became extremely difficult. It was decided that this problem was actually the impetus needed to update the units. (The situation was the catalyst (i.e., “the kick in the pants”) that we needed to get busy!) The new units are called the Models 214A, 215A, and 216A and will be available near the end of Q1, 2023. The price, size, and user features will remain the same. Audio performance will meet or exceed that provided by the original units. Configuration is performed using the STcontroller application, eliminating the need for DIP switches, pushbutton switches, and LED displays.

  • 10-Feb-2023
    Model 354 Talk Station being updated and will become the Model 354A
    The Model 354 is a terrific product, cost effective, sonically excellent, and highly flexible. But selecting the audio source for the analog monitor output was not up to the standards of the unit’s other features. It was just not simple for the user to observe and select between the four available sources. The circuitry, enclosure, and graphics have been revised to incorporate a pushbutton switch that’s designated for use in conjunction with the analog monitor function. This provides the user with an intuitive improvement to the monitor output function. It’s expected that Model 354A Talk Station units will be available in the latter part of Q1, or in the early part of Q2, 2023.

  • 10-Feb-2023
    Model 362A Listen-Only Beltpacks Expected Q2, 2023
    Due to difficulty in obtaining a specific microcontroller integrated circuit, Studio Technologies has not been able to deliver Model 362 Listen-Only Beltpack units since Q3 of 2021. Development of a replacement product, called theĀ Model 362A, is going well and production units are scheduled to be available in Q2 of 2023. It’s expected that the Model 362A will be a strong product. It uses a different and more-available microcontroller integrated circuit. In addition, other portions of the circuitry have been changed to reflect Studio Technologies’ latest design practices for audio quality and reliability. This includes removing the four DIP switches and utilizing the STcontroller software application to configure the unit’s operating parameters. See the latest version of STcontroller for the Model 362A’s configuration implementation.

  • 10-Feb-2023
    Model 544D Audio Interface Under Development and Approaching Completion
    During 2020, the microcontroller integrated circuit and digital audio integrated circuits used in the Model 44D Audio Interface started to become very difficult to obtain. Demand for semiconductor parts, along with the devastating 2019 fire at AKM in Japan, had a major impact on delivery of parts to OEM manufacturers, including Studio Technologies. With these limitations, no Model 44D units have been produced since Q3 of 2021 and all units have since been shipped to customers. The lack of semiconductors needed for the Model 44D continued and it was decided that the unit would be discontinued. An updated unit, called theĀ Model 544D Audio Interface, is in its final stages of development. Challenges with the initially selected NXP microcontroller integrated circuit caused an additional design cycle (“board spin”) to be required. When completed, the new design will perform the same functions as the Model 44D but will use newer parts, use STcontroller for its configuration (no DIP switches on the unit’s back panel), and it will be housed in Studio Technologies’ latest enclosure design. The pricing of the Model 544D will be the same as the Model 44D. Initial production of the Model 544D will begin soon. A limited number of units should be available for shipment early in Q2, 2023. Full production is expected in mid- to late-Q2, 2023.