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31-Oct-2018 Dante

Problem with Dante Subscriptions Re-establishing

Over the past few months the Studio Technologies support team has received reports from users in the field who’ve had issues with Dante subscriptions not correctly re-establishing upon device power up. This always involved Studio Technologies products that used the Audinate Ultimo X2 or Ultimo X4 integrated circuits to support their Dante interface. Specific products that were involved in the field included the Models 214, 215, and 216 Announcer’s Consoles, Models 370, 370A, 374, 374A Intercom Beltpacks,

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13-Sep-2018 AES67 Model 5401 ST 2110

Supporting PTP v2 (AES67 and ST 2110) with the Model 5401

Updated 21-Dec-2020

The Model 5401 Dante Master Clock was initially designed for use in applications that utilized devices running “native” Dante. To support the master timing needs of these devices Precision Time Protocol Version 1 (IEEE-1588-2002 or “PTP v1”) was implemented. The unit’s PTP v1 implementation functions very well, including in redundant Dante applications. (Independent Ethernet networks connected to the Primary and Secondary Ethernet ports on the back panel of the Model 5401.) Even in large installations with literally hundreds of Dante devices,

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07-Sep-2018 ST 2110

Configuring Ethernet Switches for Audio-over-Ethernet Use

This document from Lawo regarding setting Ethernet switch parameters for optimizing audio-over-IP operation is really terrific:

We implemented the suggested settings on an SG300 and it allowed much-improved performance when testing our new ST 2110-compliant products. We had been told that only “PTP aware” Ethernet switches were acceptable for use with ST 2110-10, but our simple test showed that maybe this is not the case. Once the changes were made the occasional “clicks”

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06-Sep-2018 Dante Clocking Model 5401

Using Two Model 5401 Dante Master Clocks for Redundant Operation

The Model 5401 Dante Master Clock has proven to be a solid product that’s found successful use in the field. But trying to use two units on a single local are network to achieve redundant master clock operation currently has one limitation that’s worth noting.

In the Dante Controller software application both Model 5401 units will, by default, appear as Preferred Master and allow an external sync reference. Dante will automatically select one of the units to be the active clock master.

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06-Sep-2018 ST 2110

We had a great time in Wuppertal – our first ST 2110 products are a “go”!

We recently returned from a most-interesting week in Germany, attending the pre-staging event for the IBC 2018 IP Showcase. We took prototype versions of our new ST 2110-compliant products, the Model 5512 Audio Interface and Model 5518 Mic/Line Interface. The goal was to check and see if they would operate successfully with other 2110-compliant equipment as supplied by manufacturers from literally around the world. After initial testing and some software enhancements (can you say “bug fixes”!) things worked out well.

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06-Sep-2018 Dante Firmware Updates Model 48D

New Firmware for Model 44D Interface – Now Generates 18 kHz and 20 kHz tones.

In August 2018 version 2.2. of the Model 44D Interface’s application firmware was released. This new firmware revises the tone generation capability, keeping the 18 kHz sine-wave but replacing the 1 kHz with 20 kHz. This change was made so that the Model 44D can better assist a matrix intercom and related audio devices in generating intercom user “call” signals. The change may appear to be fairly subtle, but it continues to expand the ability of Studio Technologies’

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13-Jul-2018 Dante Model 5422

New Video about the Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine

Our friend Matt Mayer created a nice introduction and training video for our Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine. You can find it on our website at

It’s short and moves fast but we hope it provides some nice background, application, and how-to-use information. You might need to watch it a couple of times to allow all the content to sink in.

If you have a Model 5422 ensure that you’ve loaded the latest firmware.

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14-Jun-2018 Dante Models 214/215/216

New Remote Control Feature for Models 214/215/216

In late April 2018 new application firmware for the Model 214, Model 215, and Model 216 Announcer’s Console was released. Each is version 2.2 and they are available for download on the Studio Technologies website. This version adds the ability to use STcontroller (1.05.00 and later) to remotely observe and, if desired, revise the headphone output gain range. This can be very useful, especially in situations where headphone performance requirements change on an event-to-event basis.

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14-Jun-2018 Dante Firmware Updates Model 5422

New Model 5422 Main Firmware

We’re pleased to announce the release of main firmware version 1.12 for the Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine. The new version includes improvements to the unit’s FTP and HTML performance and reliability. There are also a number of other internal updates and enhancements. To user’s the only thing that may be noticed is that several of the text names associated with the IFB function have been revised for clarity.

Version 1.12 applies to both the Model 5422-01 and Model 5422-02 configurations.

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