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14-Jun-2018 Dante Models 214/215/216

New Remote Control Feature for Models 214/215/216

In late April 2018 new application firmware for the Model 214, Model 215, and Model 216 Announcer’s Console was released. Each is version 2.2 and they are available for download on the Studio Technologies website. This version adds the ability to use STcontroller (1.05.00 and later) to remotely observe and, if desired, revise the headphone output gain range. This can be very useful, especially in situations where headphone performance requirements change on an event-to-event basis. Previous firmware versions required that the headphone output gain range to be selected using the push buttons switches located on the bottom of the actual unit.

The new firmware version also adds a visual indication (flashes the PoE, USB, and SIG/PEAK LEDs) when a remote change are made to P48 phantom power on/off status, microphone preamplifier gain, and headphone output gain range selection.

To find the latest firmware for the Models 214/215/216 see .

For the latest version of STcontroller see .