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05-May-2023 Dante Model 5421 Model 5422A Performance

PL Call Signals and the Dante Intercom Audio Engine Auto Mix Function

High-frequency in-band call signals are often associated with party-line (PL) user intercom devices. Typically 20 kHz and contained within an audio channel, these signals can be used to activate (“trigger”) a visual and/or audible indicator on a user beltpack or console device. A number of Dante®-enabled devices from Studio Technologies support this type of call signal. At the present time, high-frequency call signal capability is typically not compatible with the auto mix function as implemented in the Studio Technologies’

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07-Apr-2023 Dante Clocking Performance

Redundant Leader Clocks — Good with One Issue

There’s no problem with an application using two of the Studio Technologies’ Dante Leader Clock units on a Dante network to achieve redundant, “hot standby,” or backup Leader Clock support. A valid implementation could consist of two Model 5401A Dante Leader Clock units, two Model 5402 Dante Leader Clock with GNSS Synchronization units, or one each Model 5401A and Model 5402. Unfortunately, while overall the performance will be good, there is one issue that makes deployment not as effective as Studio Technologies would like.

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22-Mar-2023 Model 76 Model 76B Performance

Model 76 and Model 76B High-Frequency Oscillation Issue

The Models 76 and 76B Central Controllers were manufactured for a number of years but were discontinued in August of 2012 due to parts availability and decrease in demand. They were excellent products, most of which are still in use by many facilities. We have become aware that after ten or more years of field operation an oscillation in the range of 17-18 kHz can appear in the units’ analog output channels. It was found that the units’

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14-Mar-2022 Performance

Ping Command – 32 versus 56 Bytes

The ping command can be very useful, helping to determine if a network-connected device is available and functioning correctly. (Ping is a utility that was developed in the 1980s and utilizes the ICMP Echo Request and ICMP Echo Reply network resources.) The management ports on a number of Studio Technologies’ products support the ping command. These include the Models 792, 5401, 5401A, 5402, 5412, 5418, 5422, 5422A, 5482, 5512, and 5518. It’s important to note that one user issue can arise when “pinging”

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28-Jan-2022 Dante Intercom Audio Engine Model 373A Model 5422A Performance

Creating a Basic 2-Channel Party Line Setup

Using the Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine and four 370A Intercom Beltpacks one can route a simple two channel party line setup in Dante Controller. Before any routing can be completed a few necessary pieces of software must be installed. The most important is Dante Controller which is free to download off of the Audinate website. STController is available on our website and any internet browser (Chrome, Edge,

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16-Sep-2021 Dante Intercom Audio Engine Model 5422A Performance

Creating a Party-Line of more than 32 Channels

A Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine has a maximum group size of 32 channels. (In this case, the one group would be using all 32 channels of an audio engine.) So, in theory, a 32-channel group configured for the Party-Line operating mode would allow a maximum of 32 users to be part of that party-line (PL) circuit or channel. In the vast majority of applications that should be sufficient; having anything close to 32 users on the same PL would be an exception.

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