Full documentation available for Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine. (15-Sep-2021)   New Dante firmware for the Models 5401A, 5402, 5422A now available. (19-Aug-2021)   New Product! Model 354 Talk Station. Desktop unit allows user to access four Dante Channels. (04-Aug-2021)   New versions of STcontroller for WinOS and macOS are available. Download now! (28-Jul-2021)   Full documentation available for Model 5412 Audio Interface. (07-Jul-2021)   Models 5401A and 5402 Dante Leader Clocks now support 176.4 and 192 kHz sample rates! (07-Jul-2021)   Model 76 High-Frequency Oscillation Issue Workaround. (11-May-2021)
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14-Nov-2018 Dante Firmware Updates

Dante Ultimo Subscription Issue Corrected!



In a previous Tech Note ( an issue was described that impacted certain of our Dante products. In some cases Dante subscriptions (“routes”) would not re-establish upon a power cycle or when disconnecting and reconnecting to the Ethernet network. Over the past several months some of our customers have experienced this issue and we simply couldn’t offer a good solution. It was stressful for everyone involved and sometimes lead to less-than-optimal operation. But that changed as of yesterday when Audinate released a new version ( of their Ultimo firmware.

Applicable to their Ultimo X2 and Ultimo X4 integrated circuits, this firmware corrects the issue of Dante subscriptions not always re-establishing correctly. Our initial testing of the new firmware confirms that it does resolve the issue. As a Dante licensee, Studio Technologies starts with the Audinate-provided firmware (in this case and generates specific .dnt files for each of our Dante-supporting products. We have created 23 .dnt files for our various products and they are now available for download on our website. We have also submitted these files to Audinate’s database in preparation for the release of a new version of the Dante Controller software application. This forthcoming version will provide a streamlined method of updating Dante firmware.

Updating the Dante firmware in all Studio Technologies products to the latest is highly recommended! It’s simple and can be performed by way of each unit’s Ethernet interface. Details are provided in the user guide of all products. Contact technical support should additional details be required.

Hopefully we can now say “case closed” on this issue!