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14-Nov-2018 Dante Firmware Updates Model 391

New Model 391 Firmware Released

Version 1.2 of the Main Firmware for the Model 391 Dante Alerting Unit has been released. It adds some nice enhancements to what’s already a very interesting and useful product.

Model 391 Dante Alerting Unit

Model 391 Dante Alerting Unit

A major new feature allows the unit to simultaneously monitor Dante receive channels 1 and 2 for the presence of a call signal. When a call signal is detected (typically 20 kHz in the audio channel) the visual indicator will respond with a different color depending on which channel the call signal was received. In this way a call signal received on Dante receive channel 1 will result in the display lighting with the designated color. (As selected using STcontroller.) A call signal received on Dante channel 2 will cause the display to light in a complementary color. (The actual color is automatically selected using a math function that is based on the configured color.) Users will now have the ability to “know” which channel is initiating the call signal. Should a call signal be simultaneously be present on both Dante receive channels the signal on channel 1 will take precedence.

A second significant change is that the call detection logic has been changed from just monitoring for the presence of 20 kHz signals to monitoring for any signal that’s 17.6 kHz or higher. This was included so that tone-operated (TOX) IFB trigger signals, such as 18 kHz that’s associated with the IFB function on the Studio Technologies Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine, can also trigger the Model 391. This adds flexibility by expanding what signals the Model 391 can respond to.

An additional enhancement adds the ability of a 10 kHz low-pass-filter to be inserted into the audio signal that passes to the analog line output connection. This filter, implemented in the digital domain, is enabled when call signal on/off control of the line output is selected. The call signal, typically 18 or 20 kHz, if configured to control the line output, will no longer pass through the analog line output. Only audio signals below the nominal 10 kHz filter “cut off”, typically voice content, will pass through the analog line output. If the line output has been configured to be always active then the filter will not be inserted into the audio path; full bandwidth audio will output the unit.

The new firmware file (version 1.2) is available for download at . Details on how to load the file is available in the Model 391 user guide. Over the coming days this user guide and Model 391 website text will be updated to reflect the new capabilities provided in firmware 1.2. And note you’ll need to use STcontroller version 1.07.00 and later to support the new Model 391 firmware.

We recommend that the main firmware in all Model 391 units be updated so that maximum performance can be obtained!