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02-Aug-2019 Dante Firmware Updates Model 348

New Features for Model 348 Intercom Station

Yesterday we released new firmware for the Model 348 that adds several significant features:

  • IFB Program Inputs: 8 new Dante receive channels are used to provide the IFB Program source allowing the user the option of monitoring the IFB program source or the main output from on-air talent.
  • Audible Call Tone: Call signals can now be indicated both visually or visually and audibly. When visual and audio call indication is selected the active call input channel will blink and a ~500 Hz tone is sent to the speaker and/or Dante Monitor outputs.
  • Hot Mic Output: A new Dante transmit channel allows users to enable the hot mic output.

To use these features Main Firmware v1.04 will need to be installed thru the device’s USB port. Dante Firmware v1.1.0 can be installed using Dante Firmware Update manager or the brand new Dante Updater capability in the latest version of Dante Controller. Update your instance of STcontroller to v2.03 or later.

Model 348 Dante-Enabled Intercom Station

Model 348 Intercom Station