Full documentation available for Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine. (15-Sep-2021)   New Dante firmware for the Models 5401A, 5402, 5422A now available. (19-Aug-2021)   New Product! Model 354 Talk Station. Desktop unit allows user to access four Dante Channels. (04-Aug-2021)   New versions of STcontroller for WinOS and macOS are available. Download now! (28-Jul-2021)   Full documentation available for Model 5412 Audio Interface. (07-Jul-2021)   Models 5401A and 5402 Dante Leader Clocks now support 176.4 and 192 kHz sample rates! (07-Jul-2021)   Model 76 High-Frequency Oscillation Issue Workaround. (11-May-2021)

Center Rack-Mount Installation Kit for One “1/2-Rack” Unit

Order Code: RMBK-13

This rack-mount front panel is used for mounting one Model 48D Dante Bridge unit, one Model 5304 Intercom Station unit, or one Model 5421 Dante Intercom Audio Engine unit into one space (1U) of a 19-inch equipment rack. Unit will be located in the center of the 1U opening.

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