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Model 544D Audio Interface

Order Code: M544D

The Model 544D Audio Interface is the suggested replacement for the factory-discontinued Model 44D Audio Interface.

The Model 544D is an audio interface that supports DanteĀ® audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology and provides two analog line-level inputs and two analog line-level outputs. Also includes two installer-accessible general-purpose inputs (GPI) and general-purpose outputs (GPO). The Model 544D is designed to serve as a dual-channel analog input/output interface for various applications. Configured using theĀ STcontroller software application. Housed in a lightweight tabletop enclosure; optional mounting kits available. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powered. Can also be powered by 12 volts DC.

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Model 544D Audio Interface Front View
Model 544D Audio Interface Rear View