Model 36 Talent Interface

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The Model 36 Talent Interface is a combination self-contained headset/earpiece amplifier and microphone routing module. Headset connector can be either 5-pin, 6-pin, or 7-pin XLR. The unit is powered by a standard IFB circuit, including those provided by Studio Technologies' Model 41 or Model 42A Interfaces. The Model 36 is compatible with Live-Link™ Remote Camera Interface Systems.

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Key Features

  • ¼-inch and 3.5 mm headphone output connectors
  • Headset connector can be either 5-pin, 6-pin, or 7-pin XLR
  • Compatible with Live-Link Remote Camera Interface Systems
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Compact, lightweight package

Documentation Where to Buy
  • Model 36 with 5-Pin Headset Connector (Order Code: M36-5)
  • Model 36 with 6-Pin Headset Connector (Order Code: M36-6)
  • Model 36 with 7-Pin Headset Connector (Order Code: M36-7)


Other Documentation  

Model 36 Talent Interface Connection Details
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Model 36 Talent Interface Front and Rear Views (shown with 6-pin XLR headset connector)