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01-Nov-2018 Dante

Version 1.07.00 of STcontroller Released

Yesterday we released a new version of the STcontroller application. It’s 1.07.00 and we really like it. It incorporates a number of additions, changes, and bug fixes.

It adds support for a couple of upcoming products, the Model 381 On-Air Beltpack and the Model 5418 Mic/Line Interface.

It supports the latest version of firmware for the Models 204, 205, 206, and 208 Announcer’s Consoles. The new firmware adds a fifth button operating mode (Push to Mute/Tap to Latch) for the main button (Models 204, 205, & 206) and mic on/off button (Model 208). STconroller 1.07.00 will allow this new button mode to be enabled.

It supports a subtle but interesting new feature for the Model 391 Dante Alerting Unit. (The unit can now monitor both input channel 1 and input channel 2 and display different color depending on which channel receives a call signal.) STcontroller 1.07.00 allows the new mode to be enabled.

If you load and run the new version of STcontroller in demo mode you’ll be able to observe the new capabilities.

Try it Out!