Model 207 eSports Console

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The Model 207 eSports Console is optimized as the player and personal computer interface and control hub for eSports applications. Utilizes Dante audio-over-Ethernet networking technology. Provides 5-pin female XLR connector to support single- and dual-channel headsets. Also provides 3.5 mm TRRS jack to support low-cost stereo “gaming” headsets. Power source, selectable on/off, supports electret microphones. Microphone preamplifier has adjustable gain followed by a dynamics control (compressor) circuit for optimal audio performance. Two pushbutton switches and associated Dante output (transmitter) channels provide main and talkback play audio output signals. Stereo analog line-input uses 3.5 mm TRS jack and is compatible with personal computer audio outputs. The line-input signals are converted to digital and output as two Dante output (transmitter) channels.
Signal present/peak LEDs assist in optimizing line-input audio levels. Four Dante input (receiver) channels allow a variety of audio cue signals to be provided to player. Integrated sidetone function included for confirmation of microphone performance. Extensive range of selectable operating parameters; uses STcontroller software application for configuration. Careful circuit design ensures both reliable operation and excellent audio performance. Requires Ethernet with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection to supply both the data interface as well as power. Housed in a super-compact enclosure intended for tabletop use. A unique product designed expressly to support the specific needs of eSports events.

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Key Features


  • Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology
  • Supports intercom and gaming headsets
  • One main and one talkback output channel
  • Stereo line-level input with conversion to Dante output
  • Highly-flexible 2-channel headphone output
  • Excellent audio performance
  • Extensive range of operating features
  • Uses STcontroller for configuration
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powered
  • Bespoke eSports player interface


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Model 207 eSports Console Front Angle View
Model 207 eSports Console Rear View