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Model 5180 Ethernet Switch Module

Order Code: M5180 (see Configurations for more options)

The Model 5180 is a combination 5-port copper (UTC) Ethernet switch and single-mode optical fiber Ethernet media converter. All UTC ports (RJ45 jacks) support 10/100/1000 "Gigabit" Ethernet with auto MDI/MDI-X capability. Advanced high technology performance includes support for Ethernet AVB standards. Optional optical transceiver module adds Gigabit media conversion capability for interconnecting Ethernet signals via fiber. Standard optical output wavelength is 1310 nm FP; CWDM wavelengths available (1490 and 1550 nm stocked). Requires mounting method and 12 Vdc for operation.

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Available configurations include:

  • Model 5180 Ethernet Switch Module without Optical Support (Order Code: M5180)
  • Model¬†5180 Ethernet Switch Module with Optical Transceiver (1310 nm) (Order Code: M5180-01)
  • Model 5180 Ethernet Switch Module with CWDM Optical Transceiver (Order Code: M5180-02X)

For order code -02X: X = the standard CWDM output wavelength letter code. Typically available CWDM output wavelengths include L (1490 nm) and O (1550 nm).


Other Documentation  

Model 5100-Series Single-Width Front Panel/PCB Dimensions
Issue 8
Model 5180 Ethernet Switch Module CAD Files
Includes DWG, DXF, SLDPRT, STEP Files


Model 5180 Ethernet Switch Module Front View
Model 5180 Ethernet Switch Module Rear View
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