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Announcer's & Producer's Consoles

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Order Code: 31204
Allows a technician to create an audio signal that switches between an external program source and a talkback output to Models 220, 230, and 233 Announcer's Consoles. Installs in one…
Order Code: 31205
Allows a technician to add a connector to provide access to the remote switch inputs of Model 200-Series Announcer's Consoles and Model 348 Intercom Interface. Installs in one of the…
Order Code: 31069
Kit consists of five each of button cap, frosted lenses, clear lenses, and one set of button function labels. For use with pushbutton switches on all Model 200-Series Announcer's and…
Order Code: 31064
Kit consists of eight screw-on rubber bumpers for use with all Model 200-Series Announcer's and Producer's Consoles. These are the "feet" that attach to the bottom of the consoles.
Order Code: 31203
Allows a technician to add a status output ("tally") and remote switch input to Models 212, 220, and 230 Announcer's Consoles. Installs in one of the back-panel spare-connector locations. The…