Live-Link Jr. Remote Camera Interface System Tutorial Video

Live-Linkā„¢ Jr. Tutorial (24:18 minutes)

In the below tutorial video, Gordon Kapes introduces the Live-Link Jr. Remote Camera Interface System and covers some of the main features. For information on specific topics, please click on a time reference below:

Introduction 0:05
Camera End Unit Powering 0:26
Truck End Unit Powering 2:12
Firmware Identification 3:36
Fiber Interconnection 4:56
Video Connections 7:27
Audio Inputs 10:21
Audio Outputs 12:45
Intercom PL 14:22
GPI/GPO/RS-422 Data 16:03
Truck End Unit SDI Outputs 16:45
Truck End Unit Front-Panel PL Operation 19:18
Truck End Unit Front-Panel Status LEDs 23:01