Advanced Party-Line Routing Tutorial (Dante Controller) Video


The below tutorial video shows how to route an advanced party line setup utilizing the Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine, Model 370A Intercom Beltpacks, Model 373A Intercom Beltpacks, a Model 374A Intercom Beltpack, the Model 348 Intercom Station, Model 391 Dante Alerting Unit, and our brand new Model 5304 Intercom Station, and Model 545DR Intercom Interface (Duration: 7:58 minutes).


For information on specific topics, please click on a time reference below:

Intro 0:00
Overview 0:05
Product Lineup 0:24
Product Setup 1:00
5422A IP Address 1:17
5422A Management Webpage 1:20
Setup Diagram 1:38
Group A Devices 1:43
Group B Devices 1:48
Group C Devices 1:58
Group D Devices 2:05
Renaming Channels 2:11
Group A Routes on Paper 2:32
Group B Routes on Paper 3:15
Group C Routes on Paper 3:49
Group D Routes on Paper 4:04
Routing Group A 4:22
Routing Group B 5:45
Routing Group C 6:32
Routing Group D 6:52
Final Explanation 7:03
Outro 7:50