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Model 37 Intercom Beltpack

Model 37 Intercom Beltpack and Studio Technologies youngest engineer

The Model 37 Intercom Beltpack is a self-contained unit designed for use by on-air, production, or engineering personnel. Directly compatible with 4-wire matrix intercom systems or standard analog audio circuits. Supports single- and dual-muff headsets that utilize dynamic microphones. Interfaces using standard 4-pair RJ45 cables. Requires a source of 10-18 Vdc for operation. Includes power entry and aux audio input modules.

The Model 37 Intercom Beltpack is so easy to use even a baby can get the hang of it!

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Product Information & Images
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Connection Details

Model 37 Intercom Beltpack

Model 37 Intercom Beltpack Front and Back Views

Model 37 Intercom Beltpack Modules

Model 37 Ethercon® Interface Board (left) and
Model 37 Aux Input Interface Board
(right) Front and Panel Views

Model 37 Specifications coming soon.