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New Features for the StudioComm 76D/77 and 76DA/77

StudioComm Model 77 5.1 Surround Control Console

April 2012 (updated March 2013) — A new software release adds enhanced capabilities to the StudioComm 76D/77 and 76DA/77 systems. To support a broader range of loudspeaker systems an advanced set of bass management resources has been added. The bass management function redirects low-frequency energy from the main channels, combines it with the LFE content, then routes the sum to the subwoofer output. The downmix capability of the 76D/77 and 76DA/77 has also been enhanced with the addition of configurable level coefficients.

Sophisticated and sonically excellent bass management capability has been added to these two StudioComm systems. If warranted by an installation, bass management can be enabled for either or both the surround (5.1) and stereo monitor outputs. For flexibility, the crossover frequency can be selected for 40, 50, 60, or 80 Hz. The slope of the low-pass and high-pass filters can be independently selected for either 12- or 24-dB-per-octave. The filters, implemented in the digital domain, were carefully designed to maintain the maximum possible audio quality.

New configuration parameters allow the downmix performance to be adjusted as desired. This enables compatibility with a range of broadcast applications, including those that follow the ARIB standards for downmix coefficients.

The new software is standard on all new-production StudioComm 76D/77 and 76DA/77 systems. Units already in the field can be upgraded at the factory. Contact Studio Technologies' technical support for details.