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17-Oct-2019 Dante Model 348 Recommendations

Recommended Gooseneck Microphone for Model 348 Intercom Station

Telex MCP-90-12 12″ Gooseneck Mic

Model 348 Intercom Station allows a panel-mounted electret condensor gooseneck microphone to be directly connected. At the time of this writing (October 2019) Studio Technologies doesn’t offer a gooseneck microphone that is a good complement to the Model 348 although it’s expected that one will be offered in early 2020. Until that time the Telex MCP-90-series of gooseneck microphones can be directly used with the Model 348 and is recommended. These gooseneck microphones are readily available, reasonable in price, and should function very well. Four versions of the MCP-90 are offered by Telex (RTS/Telex/Bosch) and essentially differ only in their overall length. Our preference is the MCP-90-12 which has a nominal length of 12 inches (305 millimeters). Included is a wind screen which should be utilized for best audio performance.

The STcontroller software application is used to configure the gain of the Model 348’s microphone preamplifier — one setting offered for a connected headset and another setting for a connected gooseneck microphone. Using a gain of 24 dB (the default) for the gooseneck microphone should prove to be a good starting value. Depending on the voice level of a specific Model 348 user the gain may need to be adjusted one step up or one down.