Full documentation available for Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine. (15-Sep-2021)   Model 348 Intercom Station Main Firmware version 2.03 released - adds new Listen Mode. (30-Dec-2021)   Model 391 Dante Alerting Unit Application Firmware version 2.1 released - adds UDP support. (30-Dec-2021)   Data sheet for Model 392 Visual Indicator Unit now available. (30-Dec-2021)   Full documentation available for Model 5304 Intercom Station. (30-Dec-2021)   Updated user guide for Model 354 Talk Station added to website. (30-Dec-2021)   New Product! Model 354 Talk Station. Desktop unit allows user to access four Dante Channels. (04-Aug-2021)   New versions of STcontroller for WinOS and macOS are available. Download now! (28-Jul-2021)   Full documentation available for Model 5412 Audio Interface. (07-Jul-2021)   Models 5401A and 5402 Dante Leader Clocks now support 176.4 and 192 kHz sample rates! (07-Jul-2021)   Model 76 high-frequency oscillation issue workaround. (11-May-2021)   New Dante firmware for the Models 5401A, 5402, 5422A now available. (19-Aug-2021)


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Order Code: RMBK-12
This installation kit is used for mounting two Model 48D Dante Bridge units, two Model 5304 Intercom Station units, or two Model 5421 Dante Intercom Audio Engine unitsĀ into one space…
Order Code: 31205
Allows a technician to add a connector to provide access to the remote switch inputs of Model 200-Series Announcer's Consoles. Installs in one of the back-panel spare-connector locations. The card…
Order Code: 13684
Used with Live-Link Mini Truck End Portable unit to "break out" 5-pin XLR connector into two 3-pin male XLRs. Overall length approximately 3 feet (0.9 meters). One included with each…
Order Code: 13662
Used with Live-Link Sr. Control Room Unit's 4-wire intercom in/out connectors to "break out" 5-pin XLR connector into one 3-pin female XLR and one 3-pin male XLR. Overall length approximately…
Order Code: 31069
Kit consists of five each of button cap, frosted lenses, clear lenses, and one set of button function labels. For use with pushbutton switches on all Model 200-Series Announcer's and…
Order Code: 31064
Kit consists of eight screw-on rubber bumpers for use with all Model 200-Series Announcer's and Producer's Consoles. These are the "feet" that attach to the bottom of the consoles.
Order Code: TAB-01
Set of two brackets used for mounting Model 32A, Model 33A, or Model 34 Talent Amplifiers or Model 36 Talent Interface underneath desk, production set, etc.
Order Code: 31203
Allows a technician to add a status output ("tally") and remote switch input to selected Model 200-Series Announcer's Consoles. Installs in one of the back-panel spare-connector locations. The card features…