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IFB Talent Amplifiers Product Summary

IFB Plus Model 32A Talent Amplifier
IFB Plus Model 33A Talent Amplifier
IFB Plus Model 32A and Model 33A Talent Amplifiers: Self-contained amplifier modules designed for use by talent or production personnel. A channel selector switch, along with level control, allows either IFB channel to drive a talent earpiece or headset. A combination of up to four Model 32A or Model 33A units can be supported by the Model 2A.
Model 34 Talent Amplifier Model 34 Talent Amplifier: A self-contained amplifier module designed for use with single- or 2-channel IFB systems, the Model 34 features dual level controls, a mono/stereo switch, and both ¼-inch and 3.5 mm output jacks. The unit can be used with Models 41 or 42A Interfaces. These units are fully compatible with industry-standard RTS® 4000-Series IFB systems.
Model 36 Talent Interface Model 36 Talent Interface: A combination self-contained headset/earpiece amplifier and microphone routing module. The unit is powered by a standard IFB circuit, including those provided by Studio Technologies' Models 41 or 42A Interfaces.