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IFB Plus Series Product Summary

IFB Plus Model 2A Central Controller IFB Plus Model 2A Central Controller: This single rack-space unit contains all the circuitry to implement a sophisticated 2-channel IFB system for electronic news gathering (ENG) and outside broadcast (OB) vans, satellite news gathering (SNG) vehicles, and mobile production facilities. Interruptible foldback (also known as talent cueing) allows reporters and other on-air talent to receive program audio along with audio cues from production personnel, generally directors and producers.
IFB Plus Model 22 Access Station
IFB Plus Model 24 Access Station
IFB Plus Model 22 and Model 24 Access Stations: Used to access the Model 2A's IFB channels, the Model 22 is installed at producer or director locations. Up to four Model 22s can be connected to, and powered by, a Model 2A Central Controller. The Model 24 is installed with two Model 2As to create a 4-channel IFB system, providing producer or director locations with access to IFB channels. Includes five pushbutton switches, one for each IFB channel and "all-call." Up to four Model 24s can be connected to, and powered by, two Model 2A units. Units are normally installed with a Model 11A Gooseneck Microphone and Model 25A or 27A 19-inch rack adapter (each purchased separately).
IFB Plus Model 32A Talent Amplifier
IFB Plus Model 33A Talent Amplifier
IFB Plus Model 32A and Model 33A Talent Amplifiers: Self-contained amplifier modules designed for use by talent or production personnel. A channel selector switch, along with level control, allows either IFB channel to drive a talent earpiece or headset. A combination of up to four Model 32A or Model 33A units can be supported by the Model 2A.